Paradise Between the Pages

I'm a collector of vintage and retro books, photographs, and magazines who wishes to share the treasures she has found. I try to feature the images and type I find the most interesting. If you would like to see more of any particular object I post please feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide more images.

The Police Station at Hong Kong, China & The Lighthouse Station at Hong Kong, China

Rice Krispies cereal advertisement from a vintage issue of Life.
The real reason I love this ad is because of the oh-so-30s manicure! To die for!
the father giving his little girl away — 1959
I suddenly remembered a series of kodachrome slides i had scanned in in super high res over a year ago at the digital lab at my school. I believe they’re dated 1962. Look forward to me throwing them into the mix of posts!
Advertisement for Real Silk hosiery from the back cover of Life.

Sometimes I look at my follower count and I’m shocked at how many people actually took an interest in this little blog and it’s just really neat knowing there are others out there who think the stuff i’ve collected is interesting. <3

Tropical Walk, Florida
dated 1959
antique stereoview card