Paradise Between the Pages

I'm a collector of vintage and retro books, photographs, and magazines who wishes to share the treasures she has found. I try to feature the images and type I find the most interesting. If you would like to see more of any particular object I post please feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide more images.

War & Fashions [1939 cover of Life]
Dress advertisement in a 1940s issue of Life magazine.
Feeding her pets — antique stereoview card
I just love this romantic princess dream of a wedding dress! — dated 1959
"Hands! What Does This Mean?" - antique stereoview card, the pair to this card.
"Shh, My wife is Coming." — antique stereoview card

I’m still here, folks! Having to deal with a broken scanner was the least of my problems lately, but I’ll get back to semi-regular posting now! I see I’ve had a jump in followers lately… Thank you guys so much for following me while I share pieces of my collections with you. <3

[the bride, dated 1959]
This might be one of my favorite pictures I&#8217;ve found over the years.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Victorian Stereoview Cards of Villefranche, France & Monte Carlo, Monaco